Turning salespeople into sales heroes with adaptive AI

Improve your team's win rate with automated coaching and insights on sales calls based on what's being said in real-time with Nayak's patent pending technology.

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Real-Time Sales Coaching

Leverage the collective expertise of your team and receive immediate feedback and guidance during sales calls. Empower your sales professionals to close more deals and achieve greater sales success.

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Smart Call Planner

Break down data silos and unlock the full potential of your customer data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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See what our customers are saying about the Nayak experience

“Nayak is helpful for when there’s a lull in the conversation. I know what to say next.”

Andy Diadone

Co-founder and Head of Sales, Scrumlaunch

“With Nayak, we are able to hire SDR with limited technical skills and qualify the same amount of leads as if we had SDRs with full technical skills.”

Doug Childress

CEO, Claratti


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