Real-Time Sales Coaching

Empowering Sales Teams with On-Demand Guidance

Navigating through rapidly evolving digital landscapes can be challenging. Our AI-driven approach ensures you or your team is always ready to handle the unexpected. It delivers information and training material precisely when you need it, allowing for optimal knowledge retention and practical application.

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How it works

Integrate Your Platforms

Integrate with your preferred calling platform, whether it's Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration places a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips without disrupting your established workflows.

Review Call Plans &
Receive Hints

Once you've initiated a call, the Real-Time Sales  reviews relevant data and provides Hints. These are concise, easily digestible prompts designed to jog your memory or guide the conversation without causing distraction.

Engage with Real-Time Guidance

As your call progresses, Hints are displayed within your calling window or as a Chrome message. If the buyer raises a point you didn't plan for, the Real-Time Sales Coach is there with the right Hint at the right time.

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Make All Your Reps Top Performers

With Nayak.ai's Real-Time Coaching, you're able to decrease sales rep ramp time by providing real-time tips, reduce churn by offering guidance to reach quota goals, and increase deal velocity by ensuring all exit questions are answered promptly.

It isn't just about managing a call—it's about mastering it.

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