We believe in the power of heroes

Just as the word "Nayak" signifies a hero in Sanskrit, our mission is to empower sales teams of all sizes to unleash their true potential.

With our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, we provide the tools, knowledge, and support needed to equip sales professionals with the superhuman abilities to conquer challenges, exceed targets, and emerge as the sales heroes they were meant to be. Join us on this transformative journey and embark on a path where ordinary sales teams transcend to extraordinary heroes.

Our Story

Before was a venture-backed enterprise, it was an idea born out of real-world frustration. Our CEO, David, remembers his days as a salesperson selling technical products to a technical audience. He was surrounded by data but, ironically, lacked insight. He spent long hours keying in data and retrieving it, a task that felt less and less like sales and more like a test of data entry proficiency.

He wondered, "Could this burden be lessened?"

His personal encounter with this universal problem among sales reps catalyzed the formation of Our mission was clear: to provide an AI-powered solution to help sales teams become more data-driven without overloading salespeople with data-entry and data-retrieval tasks. thrives in this environment, enabling sales teams to grow and high-performing reps to excel further by leveraging AI.

We see the divide in the sales landscape. Teams that embrace AI are gaining an edge, while those that don't are likely to fall behind. It's a reality we're committed to changing. With, we're shifting the traditional 80-20 sales rule to a balanced 50-50 scenario. Imagine a reality where every success of one rep becomes an instantly accessible lesson for the entire team.

Equipped with smart sales playbooks, AI-assisted pre-call plans, and just-in-time recommendations, is not just an AI tool—it's a strategic partner. It allows sales reps to focus on what they excel at – selling, building relationships, strategic work – and relieves them of tasks better suited for machines. is not just the future of sales; it's the present. And together, we're redefining what sales can be.


Leadership team

David Frankle
Co-Founder & CEO
David is a Harvard graduate with a proven track record in developing successful GTM plans. He has 4+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience.
Jean Templin
Co-Founder & Head of Product
A seasoned product strategist, Jean launched Twilio's AI virtual assistant and co-founded Sticky, developing a product that generated over $5 million in ARR before acquisition.

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