Smart Call Planner

Streamline Your Sales Calls with AI

Say goodbye to hours of preparation for each call. With Nayak.ai, get personalized call plans tailored to each deal at every stage in mere minutes.

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How it works

Integrate Your Platforms

Kickstart your call preparation by integrating Nayak.ai's Call Planner with your preferred video calling platform. The planner immediately identifies crucial details like deal stage, prospect industry, and buyer info, crafting a preliminary call plan right at the start.

Collect CRM and
Sales Data

Automatically populate your preliminary plan with details pulled from supported CRM and Sales Enablement Tools or input manually. Watch your plan evolve in real-time during your call, thanks to AI that adjusts based on your team's discussion.

Refine Generated

Choose the call planning style that suits you: basic or method-based. Opt for the basic planner for broad buyer qualification or select the method-based planner for a comprehensive approach using AI-powered playbooks and renowned sales qualification frameworks.


Pre-Call Planning for Teams of Any Size

Remember, even if your sales team doesn't hold internal pre-call planning meetings, Nayak.ai's Call Planner works for all team sizes.

Simply start a call with the Nayak.ai call planner to benefit from a preliminary call plan.

Pre-Call Planning Made Easy

Nayak.ai puts everything you need to accelerate your sales teams at your fingertips.

Ensure no detail slips through the cracks
Enjoy the confidence that comes from a comprehensive, holistic view of your data, ensuring every essential detail is incorporated.
Add an AI assistant to your sales team
Let your sales team channel their energy into devising winning strategies, while the AI handles the groundwork.
Get pre-plan notes in your calls in real time
Leverage real-time, call-specific advice derived directly from your pre-call plans to guide your conversations.
Increase your deal velocity
Experience a faster sales process, close deals more swiftly, and witness your productivity skyrocket with Nayak.ai by your side.

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Learn about the innovative features and strategies that Nayak brings to the table, designed to help your sales team achieve higher targets and close more deals.

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