Turbocharge Your Sales Momentum with AI-Driven Conversation Intelligence

Boost Productivity for Your Revenue Teams

From SDRs to Account Executives, Nayak equips your sellers with the insights they need to walk into every call fully prepared and confident. Sales reps who leverage AI-powered pre-call planning experience an increase in productivity, eliminating any sense of being underprepared.

Foster Unshakable Sales Confidence Through AI-Guided Conversations

Even your most prepared reps have likely left a call thinking, "I wish I had asked that." With Nayak's in-call AI coaching, those missed opportunities become a thing of the past. Our intelligent conversation technology listens in and guides your reps to ask the right questions at the right time - building rep mastery and ensuring no critical points go unaddressed.

Empower your team to exude confidence from open to close, seal more deals through intelligent dialogue, and outmaneuver the competition. Nayak augments your sellers' expertise so they can focus on what they do best - having thoughtful business conversations that drive revenue.

The Missed Opportunity Keeping Your Startup From Its Next Growth Surge

Capture Every Opportunity

As a startup sales leader, you know the rush of closing deals but also the regret of missed opportunities and unaddressed objections.

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Eliminate Lost Revenue

Missed opportunities can hinder your startup's growth in a competitive landscape where every deal counts.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Nayak's AI-powered conversational intelligence platform provides real-time sales coaching, guiding reps with the right talk tracks, objection handling, and deal insights during live conversations.

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How It Works

Personalized Pre-Call Plans

Nayak auto-generates hyper-personalized call plans for every interaction based on your playbook and the client's needs, so reps show up ready to deliver a tailored pitch every time.

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Real-Time "Read the Room" Call Guidance

Nayak is like having your best sales coach with your reps on every call. Our AI monitors live conversations, analyzing nuances like tone and engagement to provide in-the-moment guidance.

When a client asks about a competitor or a complex technology, Nayak instantly arms your rep with smart talk tracks and insights to navigate the discussion with poise, keeping things compelling and deal-focused. It's like GPS for sales calls, ensuring your team always takes the optimal route from pitch to close.

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Continuous Optimization with Top Performer Insights

With Nayak, post-call analysis is more of a strategy than a summary. Our AI delivers concrete insights and recommendations to inform hyper-relevant follow-up and interactions going forward.

By providing this clear direction, Nayak not only keeps your team organized, but continually optimizes your sales approach to boost win rates. It's the MSP sales playbook that writes itself.

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Adaptive AI to Keep You Ahead of Evolving Markets

Nayak's AI does more than just learn from your team; it evolves with your market. By analyzing sales interactions across your organization, our platform identifies the most successful patterns and dynamically refines scripts and strategies.

Whether it's changing client needs or competitive landscapes, Nayak ensures your MSP sales approach always leverages the most impactful messaging and tactics. With us, you don't just adapt to the market - you define it.

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Turning Complex Data into Clear Sales Direction

Nayak transforms the overwhelming deluge of sales conversation data into precise, actionable insights. Rather than bog you down with bloated call transcripts, our AI distills exchanges down to their strategic essence.

Your team gains sales intelligence in its most potent form - clear direction on what to say, ask, and do to win the deal. It's sales enablement reimagined for the AI age.

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Equip Any Rep to Sell Like Your Top Performer

Nayak is the force multiplier that allows you to build a team of sales superstars, regardless of their initial technical expertise. Our AI platform empowers every rep, from SDRs to AEs, with the knowledge and guidance to effectively sell your entire MSP solution set from day one.

By providing real-time coaching, intelligent talk tracks, and proven objection handling techniques, Nayak enables all your reps to focus on selling value rather than getting bogged down in technical complexities. This means you can hire for sales talent and let Nayak do the heavy lifting of technical enablement.

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Stop leaving growth opportunities untapped.

Deploy Nayak and eliminate revenue-sapping missed opportunities for good. Drive your startup's sales mastery and unleash its next massive growth surge.