Mastering Hybrid Selling: Insights and Strategies from RAIN Sales Training

David Frankle
May 22, 2023
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Are you ready to stay ahead of the competition in the age of hybrid selling? The recent shift towards hybrid selling, a blend of in-person and remote selling, has presented new challenges and opportunities for sales professionals.

RAIN Sales Training's blog post, "How Sales Reps Can Adapt to the Hybrid Selling Environment," offers valuable insights into this new sales landscape.

Here is a summary of the key points.

  1. The Shift to Hybrid Selling: The current B2B sales landscape requires sellers to excel across multiple modes: in-person, remote, and hybrid. Hybrid selling, which combines the benefits of in-person and remote selling, is becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to balance efficiency and personal touch. However, this mode relies heavily on technology and requires sellers to be comfortable with both in-person and remote sales modes. For instance, a company might use video conferencing for initial meetings and presentations, then switch to in-person meetings for final negotiations and deal closings.
  2. The Future of B2B is Hybrid: According to McKinsey & Company, hybrid selling is the future of B2B sales. Their research found that 60% of companies increased their hybrid sales teams in 2021, a trend that continues. This shift has significant implications for sales professionals, who must now be adept at both in-person and remote selling and be able to switch between modes seamlessly.
  3. Adapting Selling Skills: Sellers need to adapt their skills to fit the hybrid selling environment. This includes building relationships, driving and discovering needs, filling the pipeline, avoiding virtual selling mistakes, and building a diversified toolbox. For example, building rapport virtually requires a more deliberate approach, such as maintaining eye contact during video calls and using active listening techniques. Similarly, driving buyer need can involve telling a convincing story or asking insightful questions.
  4. Cultivating a Hybrid Sales Team: Organizations can help their sales teams adapt to a hybrid sales environment by ensuring sellers are skilled at selling across the sales cycle and can shift between selling modes as needed. This could involve training programs focused on virtual selling techniques, as well as coaching and mentorship programs to help sellers adapt their in-person selling skills to the virtual environment.

Hybrid selling is not just a trend, but the future of B2B sales. As we navigate this new landscape, it's crucial for sales professionals to adapt their skills and strategies to meet the demands of this evolving environment.

By understanding and embracing the shift to hybrid selling, sellers can continue to thrive and succeed in any selling environment. Are you ready to embrace the shift to hybrid selling and stay ahead of the competition? Share your strategies and experiences in the comments below.

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