[MSP Growth Guide] 5 Unconventional Sales Tactics for Turbulent Times

David Frankle
June 25, 2024
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In an era of unprecedented challenges, MSPs must adapt their sales strategies to navigate economic uncertainty, fierce competition, and evolving client demands. Traditional approaches alone are no longer enough to drive sustainable growth. To thrive in turbulent times, MSPs need to embrace unconventional sales tactics that differentiate their offerings, deepen client relationships, and unlock new revenue streams. This guide explores five innovative sales strategies designed to help MSPs weather any storm and emerge stronger.

1. Leverage AI-Powered Sales Coaching for Unparalleled Performance

Empowering your sales team with AI-driven guidance can dramatically improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Platforms like Nayak provide real-time coaching during sales calls, dynamically adapting talk tracks based on verbal and non-verbal cues. By leveraging AI to handle objections, match communication styles, and optimize messaging, MSPs can upskill their reps rapidly and cost-effectively.

Key benefits of AI-powered sales enablement include:

- 50%+ reduction in ramp time for new hires
- 20% improvement in win rates and customer retention
- 15% increase in MRR from existing accounts through tailored upsell and cross-sell recommendations

With intelligent sales coaching, MSPs can equip every rep to perform like a seasoned pro, without the hefty price tag. It's like having a $500K sales superstar's brain in every rep's pocket, at a fraction of the cost. By investing in AI-driven sales acceleration software, MSPs gain a powerful advantage in any economic climate.

2. Double Down on Verticalization and Niche Expertise

In a crowded MSP market, specialization is key to standing out and commanding premium prices. Develop deep expertise in specific verticals like healthcare, finance, or legal, and tailor your offerings to address their unique challenges. By speaking the language of your niche and demonstrating industry-specific knowledge, you'll build trust and credibility with prospects more quickly.

Tips for effective verticalization:

- Conduct research to identify high-growth, underserved verticals aligned with your strengths
- Build vertical-specific service bundles, case studies, and thought leadership content
- Hire or train sales reps with relevant industry experience and connections
- Partner with vertical-focused technology vendors and associations to expand your reach

Specialization allows MSPs to differentiate in a commoditized market, charge higher margins, and attract clients who value industry expertise over generic IT services. By going deep instead of broad, MSPs can recession-proof their business and establish a defensible market position.

3. Embrace Outcome-Based Selling and Shared Risk Models

In uncertain times, clients scrutinize every investment and demand clear ROI. To win more deals and deepen customer loyalty, MSPs must shift from selling technology to selling business outcomes. Engage prospects in consultative, solution-oriented discussions focused on their goals, challenges, and success metrics. Then, craft service agreements that tie your fees to delivering measurable results.

Examples of outcome-based pricing models include:

- Guaranteed uptime or performance levels, with financial penalties for missing SLAs
- Shared savings arrangements, where you split the cost savings generated by your services
- Tiered pricing based on meeting specific KPIs like ticket resolution times or user satisfaction scores

By aligning your financial interests with your clients' success, you demonstrate confidence in your abilities and commitment to their outcomes. Outcome-based selling helps MSPs differentiate from competitors, justify premium pricing, and build long-term, strategic partnerships that withstand economic fluctuations.

4. Launch a Client Training and Enablement Program

Empowering your clients to be more self-sufficient can paradoxically lead to greater loyalty and wallet share. By launching a training and enablement program, you can help clients optimize their use of technology, improve their security posture, and streamline their operations. This proactive approach positions you as a trusted advisor invested in their success, not just a reactive problem-solver.

Ideas for client enablement offerings include:

- Regular lunch-and-learn sessions on topics like cybersecurity best practices or cloud cost optimization
- On-demand video tutorials and knowledge base articles for common IT tasks and issues
- Customized training for client teams on the software and systems you manage
- Virtual CIO and strategic planning services to help clients align IT with business goals

By equipping clients to handle more on their own, you can reduce support tickets, prevent issues proactively, and free up your team to focus on higher-value work. Plus, educated clients are more likely to appreciate the full scope of your services, comply with your recommendations, and invest in new initiatives. Client enablement helps MSPs become indispensable partners in their customers' growth and success.

5. Productize Your Services for Scalable, Recurring Revenue

Packaging your services into standardized, repeatable offerings can help you scale your business more efficiently and predictably. By productizing your expertise into tiered bundles or subscription plans, you can simplify your sales process, reduce customization workload, and generate steady streams of recurring revenue.

Tips for effectively productizing your services:

- Identify your most popular and profitable services, and standardize their delivery
- Define clear scope boundaries and service levels for each offering
- Develop a tiered pricing model based on client needs and willingness to pay
- Create marketing collateral and sales scripts that highlight the benefits of each package
- Continuously gather client feedback and refine your offerings based on demand and results

Productization allows MSPs to sell more efficiently, deliver more consistently, and scale more profitably. It also makes it easier to forecast revenue, plan capacity, and invest in growth. By shifting from one-off projects to subscription-based services, MSPs can build a more resilient and valuable business.

Bonus: Harness the Power of Peer Influence and Social Proof

In today's digital age, buyers rely heavily on online research and peer recommendations when evaluating IT providers. To build trust and credibility with prospects, MSPs must cultivate a strong reputation and leverage the power of social proof.

Tactics for amplifying your influence and authority include:

- Actively seeking and showcasing client testimonials, case studies, and reviews on your website and marketing materials
- Encouraging satisfied clients to refer their peers and incentivizing them with referral bonuses or discounts
- Building a strong presence on social media and industry forums, sharing valuable content and engaging with your audience
- Participating in local business events, webinars, and podcasts to expand your network and demonstrate your expertise
- Collaborating with other respected MSPs, vendors, or consultants on joint marketing initiatives or thought leadership

By harnessing the power of peer influence and social proof, MSPs can attract more qualified leads, shorten sales cycles, and command higher prices. In uncertain times, buyers seek reassurance and validation from trusted sources before making investment decisions. By establishing yourself as a respected authority and leveraging the endorsements of satisfied clients, you can overcome hesitation and build the confidence needed to close more deals.

In the face of economic headwinds and market disruption, MSPs must evolve their sales strategies to remain competitive and drive sustainable growth. By embracing unconventional tactics like AI-powered sales coaching, verticalization, outcome-based selling, client enablement, and service productization, MSPs can differentiate their offerings, deepen client relationships, and generate predictable revenue streams.

Selling in turbulent times requires a blend of agility, creativity, and customer-centricity. It means focusing on delivering measurable outcomes, not just features and functionality. It means proactively empowering clients to succeed, not just reactively solving their problems. And it means leveraging the power of specialization, standardization, and social proof to build a more scalable and profitable business.

By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, MSPs can not only weather the storm, but emerge stronger and better positioned for long-term success. The key is to continually adapt, experiment, and refine your approach based on data, feedback, and results. With the right mindset and tools, any MSP can unlock new levels of growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

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